The course is designed for professionals of all levels who need to learn about the advanced ways of using spreadsheets to resolve day-to-day issues experienced at workplace and to solve complex issues in an easy manner.

Course Outline:
1. Fill, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Sorting & Filter
2. Formulas – Writing & Fixing Errors
3. Working with Data
4. Creating and Working with Charts
5. Data Analysis & Pivot Tables
6. Review & Security

Working with Data:
1.Formatting & Layout
2.Putting Headers and Footers, logos on Excel
3.Print Layout
4.Conditional Formatting
5.Fill feature
6.Sorting (number. alphabets, color, date, custom)
7.Filter, Advanced Filter
8.Text to column: Importing .txt files / CSV into excel (Bhav Copy)
9.Data Validation (List, Error Message)
10.Grouping and Sub-grouping
12.What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Scenario)
13.Solver (addin)

নিয়মিত কোর্স ফীঃ 399/= (সম্পূর্ণ লাইভ ক্লাস)

*2% Payment Processing charge applicable on the amount.

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