For any business to grow, digital platform promotion is most relevant. In recent times, there had been a paradigm shift where higher percentage of consumers have moved from print media to digital media. Search engines, social media are now a part of everyone’s life. To improve the visibility, consumer reach, sales, etc. of any business, understanding the digital platforms, organic and inorganic promotional ways must be known. Digital marketing deals with the strategy to promote business online.


About Us, is an Bangladeshi massive open online course provider (pre recorded video live & live streaming) aimed at professional adults and students. It was founded in Jan 2020. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 1000+ students and 25 instructors teaching courses in over 2 different languages. From September 2020 has associated with Ardent Computech Pvt. Ltd, largest online IT course provider for Academic & Industry sector.

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