Course Duration: 3 Months
Class Schedule: 3 days in a week
Total Class: 24
Free Mock Test: 4 (Online)

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a globally-recognised test of English
language proficiency. It is a must requirement for students wishing to study at a university in an
English-speaking country. Here this IELTS course aims to prepare the students with proper
knowledge and practical skills to take the IELTS Academic Test with confidence.
Students in our country use to learn English as a subject, almost 10 to 12 years from their early
age at school. Even though most of the students have to struggle facing English language in
application. Having this in mind we suggest that as time is limited now, learn only that much,
you need for getting a good band score in IELTS’.
This is a comprehensive IELTS preparation course which is going to cover the four main skill
areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Each section of this course includes test-taking
skills, strategies and techniques. In each of the four test areas, course participants will be given
information about the format of the test to the point, as well as advice about the skills and
strategies that will be useful while taking the test. This learning program looks forward to having
full cooperation from the students as well to fulfill the objectives.
Therefore, the students are expected to focus on their preparation for the IELTS Academic test
and follow the total instructions of each lecture properly, do the homework and assignments to
achieve their desired goal. Once you are ready, you can test yourself with an IELTS-style
practice test for each skill. Moreover, practice makes each and every person perfect. So, your
practice should not be brought to an end unless you face your IELTS Exam.

The total course aims to lead the students achieving their goals in IELTS Exam. After the course
completion the students can upgrade themselves from their present level in all the 4 micro skills
(Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).


Day 1
 Facts about Writing Test
 Features and Structure of Task 1
 Analyzing and Describing Key Features
 Focus on Language: Describing Data
 Skills Focus: Selecting and Grouping Information
 To do and not to do in Task 1
 Homework: Must be submitted before the next class

Day 2
 Features and Structure of Task 2
 Task 2: Question Analysis, Brainstorming and Planning Practice
 Applying the same few formats to all essays
 To do and not to do in Task 2
 Homework: Must be submitted before the next class

Day 3
 Grammar Focus: Sentence, Tense and Voice
 Skills Focus: Coherence and Cohesion Practice
 Homework: Must be submitted before the next class

Day 4
 Grammar Focus: Conditionals and modal verbs
 Homework: Must be submitted before the next class
Day 5
 Writing Practice Test

Day 1
 Facts About the Reading Test
 Reading Skills and Strategies
 Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion
 Distinguishing Main Ideas from Supporting Details
 Skimming and Scanning

 Identifying Paraphrase
 Short Answer and Sentence Completion
 Headings and Global Multiple Choice
 Locating Information

Day 3
 Labelling and Noting
 Labelling a Diagram
 Summary Tasks: Notes/Table/Flow Chart Completion
Day 4
 Identifying Information, Views, and Claims
 True, False, Not Given
 Yes, No, Not Given
 Classification and Matching
Day 5
 Reading Practice Test

Day 1
 Facts about the Speaking Test
 The Interview – Part 1
 Focus on Grammar: Likes and Dislikes
 Focus on Fluency: Extending Your Answer
 Focus on Vocabulary: Showing Range
 Focus on Pronunciation: Essential Aspects

Day 2
 The Individual Long Turn – Part 2
 Making Notes
 Beginning Your Talk
 Saying More
 Ending of Part 2

Day 3
 The Discussion – Part 3
 Focus on Fluency: Extending Your Answers
 Focus on Vocabulary: Discussion Topics
 Focus on Grammar: Past, Present, Future
 Focus on Grammar: Comparison
 Focus on Pronunciation: Clarity

Day 4
 Speaking Test Review

Day 1
 Facts about the Listening Test
 Listening Strategies
 Listening for the Main Idea
 Listening for Factual Information
 Understanding Speakers’ Agreement
 Following Academic Explanation
 Checking and Transferring Answers

Day 2
 Conversation – Section 1
 Multiple Choice Questions
 Skills: Listening for Synonyms of Keywords
 Skills: Predicting the Type of Answer
 Skills: Listening for Numbers
 Matching
 Skills: Identifying Paraphrases

Day 3
 Monologue – Section 2
 Short Answer Questions
 Skills: Understanding the Question
 Labelling a Diagram, Plan or Map
 Skills: Following the Speaker
 Table Completion
 Skills: Money, Numbers and ‘s’

 Academic Discussion – Section 3
 Sentence Completion
 Skills: Recognising Speakers
 Skills: Recognising Opinion and Attitude

Day 5
 Academic Monologue – Section 4
 Notes Completion
 Listening for Signpost Language

Day 6
 Listening Practice Test

***Note: Classes might be expanded on demand and necessity.

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