This SQL Server training teaches developers all the Transact-SQL skills they need to create database objects like Tables, Views, Stored procedures, Functions and triggers in SQL Server.  The course gives idea about writing Queries & Subqueries, working with Joins, etc. along with database management skills like backup, restore, etc.

  • Learn Database models.
  • Overview of SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL language.
  • Master writing simple and complex queries that retrieve data from the database.
  • Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries (sum, min, max, avg, etc.).
  • Insert, update, and delete data, Retrieve data from tables.
  • Joins, Sub-queries, Working with Data Types, Procedure and Functions.
  • Understand the different Views.
  • Working with Triggers.
  • Design a database, Maintain databases, tables, and sequences with SQL statements.
  • Create and manage views.
  • Ensure the integrity of multiple, related database updates by using transactions.
  • Retrieve data using cursor.
  • Manage binary data using BLOBs.


  • Duration – 60 hours
  • Daily / Weekly Classes
  • 2 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
  • Industrial Courses are only for students. You can avail this by producing valid proof of
  • studentship
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15,000 TK 7,000 TK

  • Duration – 80 hours  
  • Daily / Weekly Classes
  • 4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
  • Professional Courses are only for the working professionals / experienced candidates
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27,500 TK 15,000 TK

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