Poralekha’s Oracle DBA instructor led training course is designed to give a firm foundation on Oracle which will cover SQL and DBA  concepts that are required to create Database, create Tablespace, Role, Privileges, Auditng, DataPump, Backup, Recovery etc. and also gives idea about Performance Tuning.


After the completion of the Oracle DBA Course at Ardent, you should be able to:

  • SQL commands.
  • Architecture of  oracle  and functionalities of Background Processes.
  • Creation of Database, Creation of  Tablespace , handling data files.
  • Use creation, password management.
  • Create role and privileges.
  • Auditing.
  • Datapump, Export and Import  Data.
  • Storing  Data From Flat file to database using SQL Loader.
  • Client Server Configuration.
  • Backup using User Managed and RMAN.
  • Handling several recovery issues such as loss of datafile, dedologfile.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Case studies.



  • Duration – 60 hours
  • Daily / Weekly Classes
  • 2 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
  • Industrial Courses are only for students. You can avail this by producing valid proof of studentship
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15,000 TK 7,000TK


  • Duration – 80 hours
  • Daily / Weekly Classes
  • 4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
  • Professional Courses are only for the working professionals / experienced candidates
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27,500 TK 15,000TK

About Us

Poralekha.com.bd, is an Bangladeshi massive open online course provider (pre recorded video live & live streaming) aimed at professional adults and students. It was founded in Jan 2020. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 1000+ students and 25 instructors teaching courses in over 2 different languages. From September 2020 Poralekha.com.bd has associated with Ardent Computech Pvt. Ltd, largest online IT course provider for Academic & Industry sector.

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