Data Science and Machine Learning using Python (Professional)

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Introduction: This Machine learning with python course dives into the world of machine learning using an approachable, and well-known, programming language. Learn about supervised vs. unsupervised learning, look into how statistical modeling relates to machine learning, and do a comparison of each.

Objectives: This course helps participants to understand what data scientists do, the problems they solve, and the tools and techniques they use. Through in-class examples, participants apply data science methods to real-world challenges in different industries and, ultimately, prepare for data scientist roles in the field.

Eligibility:This course is suitable for students, developers, data analysts, and statisticians with basic knowledge of computer science and python programming.

Course Contents:

Duration – 80 hours

Daily / Weekly Classes

4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project

Professional Courses are only for the working professionals / experienced candidates

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