Full Stack Web Development using MERN Stack (Professional)

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Introduction: MERN is a free and open-source JavaScript software for building dynamic web applications. The things that we can do on the web nowadays with JavaScript running on the server, as well as in the web browser are vast. MERN is an acronym for mongodb, express.js, react.js, and node.js. mongodb is a database system; express is a back-end web framework; react.js is a front-end framework; and node.js is a back-end run-time environment


  • Learn about the express.js basic, its architecture.
  • The various components of react.js and Application life cycle resources.
  • This course gives you in-depth knowledge of key concepts such as express.js, node packet manager (npm), multiprocessing in node.js, REST, CRUD operations, express.js with ¬†mongodb.
  • This course will help you master concepts to develop dynamic user interfaces using react.js and also understand all the basic concepts of react.js.

Eligibility: Basics of HTML, CSS and javascript


Course Content:

Duration – 80 hours

Daily / Weekly Classes

4 Case Studies & 1 Live Project

Professional Courses are only for the working professionals / experienced candidates

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